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Brakes Service


The brake system is actually composed of two kinds of systems—Hydraulics and Friction Materials. Here’s what happens within these systems between the time your foot hits the brake pedal and your car stops.

Electrical Work


Electrical repairs are one of the marquee things that set us apart from the pack. It takes many years and robust training to be a real automotive electrician. We have the factory training and equipment so your car is diagnosed right the first time! We subscribe to the latest and greatest information systems so you can rest assured you are receiving the best service possible.


Exhaust Services


The exhaust system ensures toxic exhaust fumes stay out of your car cabin and works to make your engine run correctly. It also helps give you the best possible fuel efficiency and cuts emissions that pollute the air.

Shocks & Struts Replacement


Your suspension system helps you stay in control when you’re on the road. Pep Boys can help ensure your safety by keeping your suspension system up to every twist and turn the road may bring.


Transmission Maintenance


Just as you have other parts of your car serviced, your transmission needs maintenance to ensure a long life and avoid transmission problems. Our transmission service consists of a complete diagnosis of your transmission’s performance and general operation. Several of these procedures will be performed twice; once by the centre manager, and then again by a technician. This method allows double checking of your transmission’s key systems, while providing you with added assurance.

Radiator Maintenance


Proper radiator maintenance is vital if you want to keep your vehicle in good running condition. The following tips will help you ensure that the radiator in your car or truck’s cooling system works properly. Keeping your radiator properly maintained can help to eliminate expensive repairs later.